Someday by Caitlin Wynne Stern (All About My Name Poetry Series)

Caitlin’s poetry always makes me stop and think. Love this.

Silver Birch Press

by Caitlin Wynne Stern

My mother carried my name
years before
she carried me
Read it, and it took root
a bud
to blossom someday
Then someday transformed to soon
months layering
Surrounded by hills ribboned with brick sidewalks
almost-pizza topped by hardboiled eggs
new glass buildings mixing
with old stone edifices pocked with bullet holes
and the occasional Red Brigade bombing
my mother hunted
for a second name
Finally, she joined a single
syllable to
that first bud
so when I joined the world
bloomed from possible into messily real
with the standard ten fingers, ten toes
two eyes, and one nose
I had four names
instead of the usual three
A solid rectangle to build
a future on

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My introduction to books started young, with my mom taking me to the base library to meet some of her librarian friends. (Templehof…

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