Brief encounter…

Being a lover of reptiles, in general, and snakes, in particular, I just had to share this post of Sue’s. These adders are so seldom spotted, it’s amazing that she not only saw it, but got clear enough pictures to identify the snake by pattern and coloring. Excellent, Sue!!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

barbrook  merin stone beeley derbyshire ani 040

Turning our backs on the lush green that fringes the little stream, we started to climb in search of the unknown stone we had seen the day before. It had been odd enough. As we had rested on the Companion Stone, talking about the planned workshops and seemingly plucking ideas for a new one out of the landscape, I had zoomed in on the distant stone to take a picture. We both saw the faces straight away. “The Merlin Stone… that’s the best  yet…” Of course, when you get up close, these faces, painted by shadows and sunlight in the durves of the stones, often disappear. Sometimes, however, what you find is even stranger.

barbrook  merlin stone beeley derbyshire  (11)

We had only gone a few yards before the stone became visible on top of thehill. I was glad that, for once, I was wearing my walking boots; the woody stems of heather and new bracken…

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8 thoughts on “Brief encounter…

    • My pleasure, Sue. I’ve enjoyed this whole series of posts with the circles and standing stones, and have been meaning to share more of them here. I’m just so far behind on the things I need to get done before my foot surgery & the long recovery after. Only eighteen more days, and it seems an impossible mountain of tasks still waits! 😦 But I did have to share this one, immediately, because…snake!

      Reptiles, especially albino and leucistic ones, are featured fairly heavily in my book, Swamp Ghosts. I think readers are often surprised at some of the things they learn about them via several of the side characters, and it’s always a treat for me when I run across good posts about them, like yours. Especially considering how uncommon your adder is…and how beautiful.

      The Merlin stone concept is new to me, and I plan to go back through your posts more closely, to be sure I haven’t missed anything else. Aaahhh…those circles call!

      Some day…………………………………………



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