When Life Doesn’t Give You a Chance to Write – Be Grateful Anyway!

Lately, it’s been one thing after another, eating up my days, and getting in the way of my being able to finish the next tale from Wake-Robin Ridge. I’ve been fretting and complaining. A lot. If it’s not my health, it’s my dog suddenly developing seizures, or my daughter’s cat (in a frenzy of loving all over me) suddenly biting about halfway through my lower lip. You know. Things that come along out of the blue and really mess  up your plans for the day. (Don’t worry. The dog is now on a medication that seems to help, and my lip is almost healed.) But suffice it to say, I have not been in the best frame of mind for a few weeks. 

I wrote this post (below) for my beta blog this morning, and thought I might pass it along here, in case any of you are going through a rough patch. I know at least two of my favorite online friends are, and–as is the way of life–probably many of us have had a bad day or two recently. Hope my personal thoughts on the subject help some of you regroup and refocus. (Heck, I hope my thoughts stay in my head long enough to help ME regroup and refocus!) Here they are, for what they’re worth. 

“Sometimes I need a reminder that the only thing in life we are truly in control of is how we react to it. Going forward with hope, faith, good will, and an ability to roll with the punches is the only practical approach, if you ask me. With that in mind, I’ll write when I can, and be grateful for every day when it’s a possibility.

On the other days, I’ll do my best to handle (and often, enjoy!) whatever else life has given me at that moment. Gratitude for my blessings is a must, too. And WORRY NEVER HELPED ANYTHING!! So I am trying to let go of that and be happy with each day I’ve been allotted, even the ones that aren’t a barrel of fun. And, oh yeah: more laughs, fewer tears!!”

There. I think I’ll work all of that up in cross stitch! Hahahaha. 

Hope all of you are remembering to live life in the moment, and enjoy every one of those moments to the best of your ability. Let go of the bad stuff as soon as you can, and hang on to the good stuff with both hands!! 

I’m grateful for every one of you! 

❤ ❤ ❤