#BadMoonRising – Post 17 Featuring Jane Risdon


Bad Moon Rising features a very interesting post today from author Jane Risdon. I was fascinated by her meticulous research into her subject matter, and really enjoyed her quiz answers. Head on over, and you’ll see what I mean.

Check outJane’s Post HERE

15 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising – Post 17 Featuring Jane Risdon

  1. Jane sounds like an intensely interesting writer. Her English flair is very appealing to me. I can’t wait to check out more of her works!
    Tanks for bringing Jane to our attention Marcia!

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  2. Marcia, thanks so much for reblogging. I am chuffed you enjoyed my post so much. I am so pleased you popped over to read my interview. Yep, 7 courses in Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, and Archaeology over a couple of years with various universities were so interesting. I had a blast studying, especially after so many years after leaving school!! Have a fab week. xx

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    • I’m still mind-boggled at all that wonderful research, Jane. I just LOVE researching the things I’m interested in, though I confess, I’ve not taken any actual classes in many, many years. But since (besides people) my books have a lot of the natural world woven into them, I call on my own years of experience canoeing, hiking, working with Audubon, and studying nature here in Florida and in my beloved North Carolina mountains. And when something arises in my story line I’m not familiar with, I check and double check to be sure I don’t get anything wrong. But those are usually things like an injury that is part of the story, without the focus that a medical drama would have, for instance.

      What you’ve done surpasses anything I’ve ever tackled, and I HUGELY admire your determination to be well-informed on your topics. When I see something in a book that I know is not true, it pulls me right out of the story, so I think authors should always be researching anything that goes beyond their normal sphere of experience and knowledge. You have set a really high standard for that, and I’m sure it shows in your books.

      Undercover: Crime Shorts is now residing on my Kindle, and I’m really looking forward to reading it! Best wishes for a huge success with this one! 🤗💖

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      • Marcia, firstly many thanks for reaching out and chatting with me. I am thrilled to meet you. Secondly, thanks for purchasing Undercover: Crime Shorts, I do hope you enjoy it. A collection of some of my 100 short. stories I must find a home for. Many are in anthologies, but too many are on my computer. I have lived in and toured the USA, with the musicians we managed over many decade – great fodder for a writer!! Yes, as you say research is important. I am lucky in that when writing Only One Woman with Christina Jones – lifelong friend and my husband’s fan club secretary for some time, I had kept diaries going back to the 1960s, tour schedules, photos, fan letters and posters which enabled me to write my part of the story, based on facts and fictionalized. If I had not kept them I think I would have been researching for that novel to this day! Fauna and flora inspires me too – nature. Just love walking within the trees, fields, and wilder areas in England. I spent some time in Florida in the mid 1990s on tour, and passed through North and South Carolina, beautiful areas. Our tours took us all over the USA and Canada as well as Europe and SE Asia and we always spent time. enjoying the beauty of each state. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Undercover, which is being used as an Intro to Literature at Western Kentucky Univ. this Fall by 2nd year students. Cannot wait to hear what their thoughts are. Have a fab week. I am off to chat with my agent in New York via the wonders of technology! Stay safe and well. Jane xx

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        • It’s lovely to have met you, too, Jane, and I hope you’ll remember that I have several series running on TWS for visiting authors. (If you’re interested, there’s more under the link in the header bar.) And I can only imagine all the fodder for stories you have from your many tours, especially from the 60s era. The music scene was quite remarkable back then, for sure.

          You have a great week, too, and stay safe & WELL, also! So glad you stopped by! 🤗💖

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          • Marcia, I shall go and look, thanks so much, Yes, the 1960s and up until I retired from music 2010, there were plenty of stories. Hollywood especially when we worked on movie and TV music soundtracks as well as working with our musicians. A stint in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a teenager/youngster at the height of the Cold War! Lots of stories from then. We all have stories to tell, I love hearing about them too. I shall pop over now and take a peep, thanks so much. I hope we chat again.


    • Thanks, Trish. So glad you enjoyed our chitchat.

      And the talk went pretty well, I think, considering the last 1/3 was a hurried mess that didn’t feel very polished to me. But my audiences are always great and so supportive. And I have time to tweak the things I feel should be added here and there before I do it again over at the Enterprise Museum. After that, I’ll be doing my For Goodness Snakes! talk at DeBary Hall, and then I’m done for the year. Taking December off to try my best to get some serious writing done.

      Again, so glad you enjoyed Jane’s comments, and thanks so much for stopping by! 🤗 ❤

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