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21 thoughts on “Mail List – Win Free Stuff!

    • My pleasure, Mary. And I hope you’ll enjoy my newsletters. (I might even get one out THIS month, if I stop editing long enough to gather a few photos and an anecdote or two.) 🙂

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      • I should really do something about a newsletter. I keep reading about the importance of building up a fan base though newsletter but it’s finding the time to sit down and do it – and be organised enough to do it regularly. I’d like another four hours in my days!


  1. Can’t find an email address for you. I just wanted to say I’ve read Wake-Robin Ridge and posted a review on and .uk
    I really enjoyed it though it though some parts scared the living daylights out of me! I had to read it in the afternoon so I didn’t get kept awake all night. A Boy Named Rabbit is now on the tbr pile.

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    • I’m so glad you liked it, and sorry it scared you. (Sort of. But it WAS meant to be shivery in places, so it seems to have worked as intended. And you’ll notice that most of the violence was implied. I never make my readers suffer horrible things or torture along with a victim.) I’m heading over to check out your review, and I thank you SO much for leaving them! And A Boy Named Rabbit will NOT scare you anywhere near that much. Some tense moments, but nothing like Lloyd Carter, in either of his iterations. 🙂 I hope you fall in love with Little Rabbit. He’s pretty special to me.

      Oh, and for next time, my email is listed under the “About” link in the Black Bar Menu, right next to this Sign Up link. 😀 You can also find it by scrolling about halfway back up this page. 😀 You may email me any time you like.

      Thanks again, Mary! Off to check out what you had to say.

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      • Just read your review, Mary. Wow, what nice things you said! Thank you so much. I’m so tickled you enjoyed it, and so grateful you took the time to let others know! I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart! ❤ ❤ ❤

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        • I’m not much of a reviewer – always thing other people have already said it so much better than I have! But at least I’ve told people I’ve enjoyed it and hope it might encourage others to read it.
          All the best.

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          • OH, Mary! I can’t tell you how much difference every single review makes. It’s critical, make or break, for independent authors. We need every, single one, even if it’s just 5 stars, and no written review. It’s what helps us make sales, and sales move us up in the rankings so others can find us. So please know that your review is vitally important, even to the BIG names, and it’s even more so to us new writers. Again, I can’t thank you enough!

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    • 😀 I do that all the time. But I’ve learned to read Typo. 😀 Oh, and again, there’s nothing I can think of in A Boy Named Rabbit that will scare you. HONEST. But overall, it WILL, I think, make you feel good. I had someone tell me they loved Rabbit so much, they wanted to MEET him. Hahaha.

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  2. Just finished A BOY Named Rabbit! What a great book, Marcia!, can’t wait to read my copy of Harbinger. And then what shall I read? Maybe the next series?? I love your colorful, descriptive way of bringing your readers right into the fields or forrests, or out on the balcony in the silver moonlight! Keep writing!

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    • What a lovely comment, Beth! Thank you so much! Harbinger is waiting for you, and if you haven’t read my Florida series, there are 2 books currently out, and I’m editing the 3rd, which should be available by the end of March or beginning of April. Then I’ll probably be back on Wake-Robin Ridge again, because that little boy named Rabbit talks to me ALL DAY LONG, and the only way to quiet him is to tell the next story. Hope you’ll enjoy Harbinger, and in the meantime, may I ask you to consider leaving a review for A Boy Named Rabbit on That’s how we sell our books. Each and every review moves the books up higher on the list, so more people can find them. I’d appreciate it HUGELY, so my husband lets me keep on writing, instead of telling me to go get a REAL JOB. 😀 😀 😀

      Thanks again for letting me know you enjoyed Rabbit. He’s such a fun character to write.


      • PS, the Riverbend series books are Swamp Ghosts, and Finding Hunter. The new one coming out is called That Darkest Place. Hope you’ll like those, too. 😀


          • Hi Marcia!! Yep, tis just me from over yonder in Rockledge!! I am having huge probs with word press. I guess I’m a ghost, because they tell me I don’t have an account, or the wrong login or some such. So far, I cannot resolve that! I already have downloaded Swamp Ghosts and Finding Hunter, but want to read Harbinger, first. I’m excited that we’ll be hearing more about the Adventures and Antics of Rabbit. (I love the way he talks, too!).

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            • So glad you are checking out the Riverbend series. I swear, I’ve gotten so attached to some of these characters, I’m having trouble heading back to the mountains. 😀 Please feel free to email me, so we can catch up a bit. BTW, if you remember Nicki Forde, she is my cover designer these days. She’s a graphics goddess. Wasn’t I smart to have her for a best friend? My next best friend is going to be a publisher. Hahahaha. You can reach me at So nice to hear from you. And again, please consider leaving a review on Amazon for any or all of my books, as you read them. I’d be eternally grateful! Thanks!


  3. I just recently heard of your books from my grandmother. Seems the ladies in her card group love your books. We all live in Orange City and I’d love to read Wake: Robin Ridge, Book 1. If you could send me the download link that would be great. I already signed up for your newsletters.

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    • Please tell your grandmother’s card group that I love them right back! I have met some great folks from Orange City, including one of my beta readers who lives up your way. I need your email address to send your book to. Can you send it to me at As soon as I receive it, I’ll happily send you a free download of Wake-Robin Ridge. Thanks so much for signing up for my mail list, too. 😀


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