Expansion Pack: The Egg Scene

Check out Craig Boyack’s latest “installment” of his Writing Monomyth series on the Story Empire blog. If you’re unfamiliar with writing “The Egg Scene,” you owe it to yourself to see exactly what Craig’s talking about, here. (And then, please share with the Immediate World, thanks!) And thanks to Craig for this one. The video was a special treat. 😀

Story Empire

Not the Egg Man

Hi gang, Craig here again with another Expansion Pack. These are designed to enhance the series I wrote about The Hero’s Journey, also known as the Writing Monomyth.

It’s worth repeating that none of the Expansion Pack material is required for your stories. These are just as advertised. If you want to get a bit deeper into the optional stuff, you might find them helpful.

There is an old writing rule, that I’m going to paraphrase. Every scene must do two of three things or it doesn’t belong in your story. These things are:

• Build or develop character.

• Develop setting.

• Advance the plot.

It’s actually damned good advice and should be followed. Think of this as a safe haven for your fiction. It doesn’t mean every word, or even paragraph, but scene. A scene might take a page or two, and if…

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