5 thoughts on “Multiple Foci Might Magnify Your Writing

  1. Now that was really a fun read, D. I can’t imagine being able to do what you did, but I can see that it would be a great creative exercise. And I loved Marge and Earnest, both. It was fun to read each version of their tale. Thanks so much for sharing here.

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    • I didn’t do anything too amazing, just molded and shaped the flash I was going to do anyway. I played.
      Try something like this with a section or scene of your WIP that you are unsure of. Whittle the heck out of it. Then put it back together. It’s why we have the copy/paste tool. Play.

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      • I might do something similar with the next Emissary book, which needs to be a lot shorter, anyway, since it’s a novella. Tighter writing is extra important. I’m so far behind on Wake-Robin Ridge 4, I can’t even think about doing anything other than writing down exactly what Rabbit, Mac, and Sarah tell me. (I’m mostly taking dictation with my books, anyway, you know.) 😀 But once I plow straight through this one, I just might give this a try. I really did like how it worked for you. And I want to know more about Marge and Earnest. They deserve a whole book! 😀

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