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After checking my calendar, I realized that my schedule next week won’t allow me time to give my attention to running Excerpt Week, but the following week looks perfect.  So, mark your calendars! Our next #ExcerptWeek will begin Saturday, 9/24, and will run through the close of day Sunday, 10/2. (A week, and one to grow on!)

If you are new to #ExcerptWeek, here are the guidlines:

1. Excerpts may be from any book or work in  progress, published or not, but may not be political, religious, or overtly erotic in nature. (Fantasy world politics are fine, as are urban fantasies about angels, demons, etc. And sexy is fine. If you aren’t clear on the distinction between sexy and erotic, email me, and I’ll clarify.)

2. Excerpts may be any length you wish to share, though if they are very long, I will let them run in full for a day or two, then will insert the “Read More” tag. This is just to keep the home page from becoming too cluttered. Feel free to share as much as you like.

3. Those who are regular contributors may publish their excerpts at will.  Those who aren’t must contact me, and I’ll explain how it’s done. PLEASE do NOT add your excerpt to the Comments section under anyone else’s post. Not only is that unfair to the original poster, but no one will SEE your work there. Just email me, and I’ll get you up on the main page, I promise. Email: mmeara@cfl.rr.com

4. You may publish more than one excerpt during the week, especially if things are slower than usual.

5. Sharing with The Write Stuff means your post will be passed along to many, many other viewers, so it’s a great chance for exposure. All we ask in return is that you do your part by sharing what others post, as often as possible. It’s what The Write Stuff is all about.

So, in brief, share your work, reach new readers, and help others reach them, too.

Again, for you folks who’ve never taken part in #ExcerptWeek here, just email me, and I will do my best to help.  mmeara@cfl.rr.com 




17 thoughts on “#ComingSoon – #ExcerptWeek

  1. Sounds wonderful, Marcia. I am going to be on vacation for the first half of Excerpt Week but I will catch up with it midway, comment and share. And, of course, I’ll work a post in, too. Thank you for making Excerpt Week possible!

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