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All Aboard the Naiad

I added a new photo to my Inspiration Board today. Nope, not a picture of anyone who inspires a particular character of mine, nor a scene that might lead to another story. Probably.  🙂 

Instead, I added a photo of the wonderful group who joined me aboard the Naiad for a fantastic eco-tour of the St. John’s River, yesterday. This particular group was almost completely comprised of book lovers I’ve met at various events over the last six months, most of whom have read some, if not all, of my books. I asked myself today,  what could be more inspiring than these lovely people, who are already invested in my stories and characters ? Who else am I writing for if not these wonderful folks,  and others just like them?

So, voila! Here they are. Eighteen terrific folks–friends, now–who got to experience a St. Johns River Eco-Tour with Captain Jeanne Bell and Doug Little, and see some central Florida birds and wildlife. They were very attentive when I read the prologue from Harbinger, and I think at least some of them will be eagerly awaiting the latest book in the Wake-Robin Ridge series. Fingers crossed. I am blessed to call each of them a friend, now! And I am INSPIRED!

Captain Jeanne Bell
St. Johns  River Eco Tours



2 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare #StJohnsRiverEcoTour

    • Hi, Anne! So nice to hear from you. Hope you’ll stop by often. LOTS of interesting folks here, writing in all sorts of genres, and sharing good info with each other.

      I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday, and wish there had been more time for chat. That’s the only trouble with a group event. Not enough one-on-one time to get to know each other better. Except for the heat, which even kept some of the wildlife in hiding, the cruise was fantastic, as always. The best two hours you can spend in central Florida!

      Hope you have a wonderful week, and btw, you look MAH-velous in purple! It suits you to a T! 🙂


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