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 dupontfalls9Mountains, Every Chance I Get

I’m coming to you today from Charleston, South Carolina, and my MidWeek POV looks very different. Usually, I’m at my home in central Florida, specifically, at my computer, where I spend the majority of my life. But today, I’m having fun visiting with my daughter’s family, and playing with my two-year-old grandson, Kaelen, while my husband takes a look at some electrical issues in the fixer-upper my daughter and SIL just bought.

One thought led to another, and I decided my POV today should  focus on changes of pace.  Vacations. Or, if you’re living on the other side of the pond, holidays. Do you take them? If so, where? How long? Are you a beach person or a mountain person? Do you like little weekend get-aways, or month-long escapes? And most of all, do you come home feeling recharged and reinspired, ready to write the next chapter in your WIP? (You do have a WIP, don’t you?)

Normally, we are short trip folks. With six animals, it’s hard (and expensive) to take longer vacations. We tend to go for daytrips in our area. Museums, historical sites, a hike in the woods. A canoe trip on a local river. That type of thing. But once in a while, we decide to go farther afield. We bite the bullet, board the animals, and hit the highway. I’m longing to go to the mountains again, before too long, but this trip to Charleston was our first priority. And I know I’ll come home tired, happy, and ready to write again.

I’d love to hear what recharges YOUR batteries, and restores your creativity, when you realize you are running low. As always, inquiring minds wanna know.

Beaches Can Be Nice, Too



10 thoughts on “#MidWeekPOV #wwwblogs Recharging Creativity

  1. Husband and I like nothing better than a self catering villa in the middle of nowhere on our own – and walking. So far managed: La Gomera, Tilos (abroad) Lake District, Mid Wales and Yorkshire Dales in the UK. Am in desperate need of a break now but need to wait until May. Then Croatia here we come! Jx


  2. Like you and your husband, Tim and I are blessed to live in a “vacation state.” To recharge our creative batteries, we take day drives to the mountains, visiting our favorite spots. We picnic all year round and go for small hikes.

    In warmer weather, we bike the nearby trails, all of which offer spectacular views of the Front Range. We enjoy wandering around Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Our top place to vacation is in Grand Junction. The Colorado National Monument boasts 26 miles of colorful canyons in the “high desert.” Dinosaur National Monument and Maroon Bells are equally as inspiring!

    I agree with Kurt Vonnegut: “Travel invitations are dancing gifts from God.” (Cat’s Cradle)


  3. Breathtaking views. Now I want a holiday away from this messy weather we’ve been having last few days.
    I stopped traveling about 20 or so years ago. Took a huge trip almost two years ago and have had two additional one afterward. I have the bug and am willing to go anywhere affordable. 🙂


  4. Ahhhh – that waterfall scene looks so amazingly Scottish!
    Of course, that’s where you will find me most holidays.
    But once every so many years, we do a big trip – Canadian Rockies, New Zealand the last two. Now planning an Alaskan cruise…
    So, mountains, waterfalls, mountains, a bit of seashore and, you’ve guessed it – mountains!


  5. Looks lovely Marcia. I never stop working. I’m in Arizona for another 3 weeks. If I had my way I’d stay here for good. I love the mountains and the desert. I got some great reading and writing done on my newest book. Keeping up with blogs has been a struggle, but I’m here! 🙂 ❤

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