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Wolf Rampant trilogyThe newest book is always the most interesting, so I’m going to follow Marcia’s lead and post the first few paragraphs from my unedited work-in-progress, currently titled Outpack. This upcoming book in an entirely new trilogy is a spinoff following one of the side characters you may have read about in Wolf Rampant. Fen is a half-werewolf trying to make it in the cold, hard world. But I’ll let her speak for herself….


Three shifters walked into a bar.

It sounds like the beginning of a corny joke, doesn’t it?

But here’s a little more information for you. I was those shifters’ alpha and den mother rolled into one. Two of the barhoppers were jail bait or close to it. And the establishment in question was filled to the brim with horny, lawless, outpack males.

No wonder I wasn’t laughing and was in a big hurry.

I breezed past the bouncer with a show of entirely human teeth, then rolled my eyes at his laxness. The employee wasn’t being remiss by not checking my ID. Not in a werewolf bar. But he still wasn’t really doing his job.

I was twenty-one — barely — which is all humans would have cared about when allowing entrance to a drinking establishment. But the guy at the door in a shifter bar was supposed to turn away anyone without the ability to don fur and howl at the moon. And even though I was technically a shifter, my half-human heritage meant my wolf was too weak to rise up behind my eyes and prove her worth to the bouncer.

Good thing I was accustomed to faking it.

12 thoughts on “Outpack excerpt

  1. Count me in as another lover of first person POV’s, even if I do usually have a few more (carefully set off from each other) POV’s throughout. I like being in everyone’s head, but love the main character to be written in first person. And I like Fen, already. 🙂 As always a fine job, and thank you so much for contributing to #ExcerptWeek, Aimee. You are becoming amazingly prolific with your writing, and good for you! Hope you sell a million!


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