Amazon…Anyone Else Having Issues?

I seem to be locked out of anything to do with purchasing books, checking on my sales, or otherwise doing business with Kindle this morning. I can access my book pages, but the options to buy on the right side are gone. When I go to my Sales Report/Bookshelf pages, they aren’t available. The last time I checked, I did get a message that said “Sorry. This feature isn’t available. We’re working to resolve the problem.” So I’m guessing it’s not just me. Wondering how many of you are affected, as well?

Can you buy books this morning?

5 thoughts on “Amazon…Anyone Else Having Issues?

    • It seems to be just Kindle that’s having the issues, Eldon, so our paperbacks seem fine. But Kindle books are not available this morning, apparently. 😦

      Thanks for letting me know. I might not have figured that out, otherwise. Going to see what’s up with CreateSpace, too. I have a big order of Finding Hunter coming, so I hope these computer issues haven’t impacted that. *sigh* It’s always something, isn’t it?


  1. Morning Marcia. I’m in the same boat. I can’t get into my KDP dashboard. Ironically, I can’t buy books from but I can from (Canada). Not the kind of thing we want as authors, especially when we have a new release. 😦

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    • HI, Deb! Well, that narrows it down some. I was wondering how widespread the problem was, and it sounds like it’s here in the U.S. only. Yeah, nothing more fun than having potential buyers unable to access your books. 😦 I found out about it when I tried to take advantage of a one-day only deal. I sure hope the guy didn’t pay for his ads, or he’s out money in addition to possible lost readers.

      Oh, well. This is one of those things that is out of our hands, so just have to wait until it’s corrected, and hope that’s soon.

      Have a great day, Deb! 🙂

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