4th of July Sale! PLEASE SHARE!



To celebrate Independence Day, all three of my novels will be on sale for the next week, from July 3 through July 10, for $2.99 each. (Regularly $4.99). Now’s your chance to see why I’m running my legs off around central Florida, talking about Book 1 of my Riverbend Series, Swamp Ghosts. (Book 2, Finding Hunter is due out in September, btw.) And if you’ve already ready Swamp Ghosts, or you prefer the Blue Ridge Mountains over sultry, Florida waterways, check out my Wake-Robin Ridge books: Book 1, Wake-Robin Ridge, or Book 2, A Boy Named Rabbit. Don’t miss out! This is the first, and possibly the only, time I’ve ever lowered my price on my books, but I’d like to have everyone caught up and eagerly awaiting Finding Hunter, so Happy 4th of July to you all!

A boy named Rabbit   Wake Robin Ridge_cover 31  cover2at304.jpg

14 thoughts on “4th of July Sale! PLEASE SHARE!

    • Thank you, Sue! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well! I’m sweltering. My a/c died FIVE DAYS AGO, on an afternoon that hit 100 degrees!! Mark was out of town, but when he got home Wednesday night, he hooked up our little window unit to the bedroom, so I could quit stuffing frozen bottles of water in my clothing. He ordered a new fan motor yesterday, and it should arrive today. And there WILL BE AIR by tonight!! It’s been about 95 to 96 degrees inside for days now, and I’ve been sick with it. (I am extremely sensitive to heat, I think you know). I’ve had the mother of all headaches and been nauseous since Monday. I’m truly over this!

      The good news is, the part was only $175, and Mark CAN fix this. (With him, if he can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.) Calling in an a/c company would have run between $800 and $900. So, trying to be thankful for small favors, here. AND swearing on a stack of ice cube trays, I’m never going to be without a back up window unit. If this old one goes, we will buy a new one the same day. The first night (before he installed, since I can’t even LIFT it), I had so many fans on in the bedroom, it was like sleeping in a wind tunnel. Woke up with a very interesting hairdo, though.

      Ha. Life in central Florida. And the fun just keeps on happenin’! 😀

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      • You are too funny, Marcia. Sorry to hear about your headache. It’s hard to even concentrate when your head is pounding. Good thing Mark is so handy. Honestly, I don’t know how Floridians do it. I think I’d pass out.

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        • I came very, very close, every time I stood up. I’m counting on this whole episode being funny when I look back on it in…oh, maybe 20 years or so. 😀 Right now, it’s just sheer misery. I keep running to the door to see if the delivery truck is here, yet. That fan motor BETTER show up today, or I’m gonna have to HURT someone. 😉

          I don’t know how we do it, either. I WOULDN’T, if I had a choice.

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    • Thanks so much, Karen!! Hope you enjoy any that you grab. I’ll be interested in hearing what you think. And have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Stay cool! (See my response to Sue.) 😀


    • Thanks, Callum. Since I didn’t promote anywhere, I don’t think I’ll get big numbers, but I thought I’d make the gesture. Maybe tweeting and blogging here and there will get things going. June was VERY slow for me, but I’m not convinced I want to run another free promo. So, we’ll see about sales, periodically, and hopefully next time, I’ll get it out with a couple of email lists and sites.

      Have a great weekend.

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